Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Can acupuncture help elderly patients?

Today, people are living longer than ever. Many older people deal with issues related to arthritis, aches, pains, trouble with balance and walking. I am often asked if acupuncture can help with these types of conditions. The fact is that it can! People from all ages can benefit from acupuncture. No matter the age, the body's natural ability to heal itself is present. Due to various illnesses and environmental conditions, the immune system can be compromised, but this is also another way acupuncture can help.  By boosting the body's natural defense mechanisms, we can improve the quality of life for all types of people from all walks of life.

The process of healing by acupuncture can be a bit slower than what you might be used to from seeing a typical western doctor.  An acupuncturist will not be giving you some pain killers and promising to feel better by tomorrow. Following a treatment, you may notice some immediate improvement which can last from hours to a day or so. With each subsequent treatment, this improvement will continue to last longer and longer. Depending on how chronic or how long you have had a condition, will have direct impact on how quickly you can find relief from your issues. Younger people rebound very quickly, while people have been quite ill or older will take a little more time for their conditions to improve and resolve. All ages can benefit from acupuncture.  See me, Mike Worley, LAc. in Murrieta inside Chiropractic Plus.

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